Tiger-Dragon, single card game

Dragon Tiger Online is easy to play, a card game that is becoming very popular right now. How to be like a baccarat game which has a simple and uncomplicated way to play It’s easier and faster to learn than baccarat. The equipment used is only one card to decide the win or loss.

How to play Tiger-Dragon

1. Choose which side to bet on between Tiger, Dragon and Tie

– if choosing the dragon side. that is blue which will be the one who opens the cards first It will be able to win only if there is a higher point than the tiger side

– if choosing the tiger side that is red, which will be next to the dragon side It can only win if it has a higher point than the dragon side

– if you choose a draw, it wins only when both cards are dealt. have equal points Which has a rare chance of happening, resulting in a higher payout rate than other types.

2. Time to decide to bet within 1 minute.

3. Dealer who dealt cards Each side will get 1 card.

4. Then the cards will be revealed. Which side has higher points wins. Or maybe there must be a good helper such as the Dragon Tiger technique.

Criteria for counting scores

– Normal cards are counted according to their points: 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10

– Card A = 1 point

– Card J = 11 point

– Card Q = 12 point

– Card K = 13 Points Payout


– If you choose Tiger side and win, you will be paid 1:1

– If you choose Dragon side and win, you will be paid 1:1

– If you choose Draw and win, you will Get Paid 1:8

– If choose Tiger side or Dragon side and the result is a draw. 50% bet will be lost

with an easy-to-understand way of playing Know the winning results quickly and quickly. So many players choose to play with this game quite a lot. And it is expected that in the future Dragon Tiger will be as popular as the game of Baccarat, of course. Therefore, now there are many online gambling websites. and offers all kinds of games with promotion and give away free credits every day