Let’s get to know each other

It is a matter of playing online casino gambling in live format. There is no video recording and it will definitely open. by many websites that are service providers for players who like and want to try to play There will be two types as follows.

1. A side of the Asian continent.

Asian side It is a live broadcast from the casino. Asia near our home, such as Poipet, Macau, most popularly transmitted from Macau or China. In this way, Thai people are very familiar and many of you know each other very well. Including slots games, baccarat, dragon tiger, roulette and many casino games. Almost 100% of the casino

games will be broadcast live as it is a game that Asians love and love the game very much. But if you go to play with the European side, you will not find dice, bounce or gourds, crabs, fish

2. European style

European side It is a live broadcast sent directly to the casinos in Europe. It can be seen from the dealer in the room that it is a westerner with golden hair. Gambling games that will be found in Western Europe are Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker. These games are games that foreigners play a lot. And will have the same standard

rules around the world, such as baccarat games, predicting which side will get points close to 9, that side will win European roulette is similar to American, which has a single 0, but the European style of play has two 0’s.

Today, playing sports games such as online football betting. Can play anywhere and anytime Because the live system makes it feel like playing at a real casino There is privacy but can play with other players. This play is a modern play. convenient and fast Plus it can reduce costs a lot. And there are also many options to choose from, such as

baccarat with dozens of tables or dozens of rooms. both Asian and European A website that offers gambling services, easy to apply and earn real money. After successfully registering, you will receive a user to use to log in to the game. Easy to play and rich with live casino games.